The fundamental purpose of the criminal procedure: Exposing the truth and deciding in the question of innocence or blame.

(Criminal Appeal 639/79 Aflalo vs. The State of Israel, court rulings 34 (3) 561, 575 (1980).

Our office gained vast professional experience in representing suspects or defendants in various criminal charges, such as: causing death by negligence, manslaughter, drug offences, military offences and white-collar offenses such as tax offenses, receiving and giving bribe, violation of trust, fraud, money laundering, etc.

We shall note that white-collar offenses are unique criminal offenses. Usually they are connected with taking money illegally and include tax offenses, bribe, corporate law offenses, government- capital connections, etc.

What is shared between the vast spectrum of offenses included in the definition of ‘white-collar’ is that in general, the claimed offense is performed as part of the professional occupation or ongoing activity of the organization by normative people from high social status- sometimes even by the heads of the organization. Moreover, such offenses lack any basis of violence. Since most of the defendants are usually normative people that it is their first encounter with the law enforcement authorities, the management of the criminal proceeding in these cases gains a new perspective.

We provide legal assistance and personal support from the first stage of investigation, and in all the contact points with the law enforcement or other authorities- the Israel Tax Authority, the Civil Service Commission, the Police Investigation Unit, Government Ministries, the Israeli police and of course the Israeli Courts.

Our aim is to try and prevent the indictment as much as possible. Many times, we managed to do so by achieving the desired agreement or acquittal during the hearing stage.

We believe in diligent defense on our customers and their interests, along with maintaining ethical and moral boundaries. We prepare the case in the highest professional level including meticulous analysis of each detail, performance of strong litigation abilities and assistance by leading experts if required.

Our office was involved in criminal litigations that aroused great public interest; thus, we acquired profound expertise in building a proper media profile for such cases.

Amongst the customers of Zari Hazan and Co. are chief public figures, including Knesset members, ambassadors, top executives in the Israeli economy, officers in public or private companies and private persons.