Our office took upon itself a commitment and responsibility to lead the protection of human rights field in Israel, with a special focus on all that is connected to Israel’s immigration laws.

Under the Israeli law, whoever is not eligible under the Law of Return or under the Nationality Law, can stay and/or work in Israel subject to the rules prescribed in the Citizenship and Entry into Israel Law and in the procedures of the Ministry of Interior installed by virtue of the law.

Today, there are hundreds of thousands of foreign workers, asylum seekers and other inhabitants staying in Israel, which creates a constant need to regulate their status via work and stay permits in Israel. This field is under the responsibility of the Ministry of Interior, who acts according to its procedures and under the Citizenship and Entry into Israel Law, when it decides to approve or decline applications for receiving status in Israel.

Our office gained an extensive, successful experience in providing the following legal services:

  • Legal assistance and advise for receiving visas and stay permits of any type, including: tourist visa, foreign spouse visa, foreign worker visa, visa for children of foreign workers, refugees, asylum seekers, etc.
  • Preparing applications for stay permits for humanitarian reasons.  
  •  Providing legal advice to employers of foreign workers by a specialized immigration lawyer.
  • Providing legal advice about foreign workers’ rights and handling arrests by the immigration police.
  • Immediate support for people who are refused entry to Israel and are restrained at the airport.
  • Legal advice and service for submitting applications under the procedures of the Ministry of Interior and the Ministry of Economy and Industry, including making appeals on their decisions.  
  • Managing legal proceedings- administrative petitions, administrative appeals and petitions to the High Court of Justice against the decisions of the Ministry of Economy and Industry and the Ministry of Interior, including the Visas Department and Population Authority.
  • Representation in front of the Custody Courts.