Work Visa/ Visa for a foreign expert

Zari Hazan and Co. Law office specializes in immigration to Israel and in migration of foreign experts to Israel.

A foreign expert is a foreign worker who has a unique education, knowledge or skill that make him/her a specialist in their field. The foreign specialist’s status may be preferred to any other foreign worker, but the same laws, regulation and procedures that regulate the employment of foreign workers in Israel apply to him/her. 

The need to migrate foreign experts to Israel was arose side by side to the globalization phenomena, when the world transformed into one large company operating in one market.

As a result, the scope of international trade grew and a need to transport workers with specialty in various fields, such as Hi-tech, Bio technology, Agriculture, Industry, Engineering, Communication, Restaurant Businesses, Sports, etc. had risen as well.

The process of issuing visas and permits for employing a foreign specialist is a multi-staged bureaucratic procedure that may sometimes prove to be cumbersome. When a company located in Israel is interested in hiring a foreign expert, it must issue a work permit in Israel for him/her by the Semech Unit in the Population, Immigration and Boarders Authority (PIBA) and a B/1 type work visa from the Ministry of Interior bureau in the company’s place of business and in Israeli embassies around the world.

In addition, a set of rules regulate the wage that must be paid to this expert along with various fees and levies for issuing the employment permit and work visa.

Zari Hazan Law Office acquired great experience and expertise in migrating foreign specialists to Israel, and extending their visas, as required. Our team operates professionally and effectively regarding all the legal aspects entailed in arranging work visas for foreign specialist, to achieve the desired consequence as soon as possible.

Our office represents leading companies and entities in the Israeli economy in transporting foreign specialists to Israel required to them. We also acquired vast experience and proven success in submitting appeals against the decisions of the Population Authority at times of need.

In light of the increasing enforcement policy of foreign workers employment laws in Israel, the defiance of which can lead to criminal charges and penalties, it is highly recommended to consult and advise an expert lawyer before starting the process.     

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