One of the main applications, which provides a solution for obtaining a visa in Israel in cases with special circumstances, is the application for a humanitarian visa – the application for a visa for unique humanitarian reasons, which is submitted directly to the Minister of the Interior affairs.

The issue of special visas, also known as “humanitarian visas”, is one of the most complex in the field of employment of foreign workers in general and nursing in particular. Our office specializes in submitting a humanitarian application, and we have extensive experience in various and varied cases in which our clients have been granted a residence visa for unique humanitarian reasons.

According to the current procedure in Israel, including the Long-Term Care Insurance Law and the Foreign Workers Law, the maximum period during which a foreign worker can stay in Israel is about four years (51 months). From this point on, they cannot continue the employment or be associated with a new employer, but must leave the borders of Israel – unless they, or a law firm representing them, apply for a humanitarian visa for a foreign worker.

Who is entitled to a humanitarian visa in Israel?

Among the situations in which a humanitarian visa can be obtained in nursing are cases of children of foreign workers, those who were born and raised in Israel and know only the State of Israel as their homeland, foreign workers who have developed a dependence on their elderly or nursing employers, foreigners who stay in Israel and need medical care. In the country of origin, as well as other circumstances that justify obtaining a visa to stay in Israel and for which the Ministry of the Interior affarisa has not regulated a separate procedure.

The special circumstances must be specified in a well-reasoned letter sent to the authorities. The goal in most cases is to prove how essential the caregiver is to his employer, so that termination of employment may involve possible harm to that person. Along with the official documents, the opinion should include the recommendations of relevant professionals (doctors, social workers, etc.), who were directly impressed with the patient’s ability to function and difficulties before submitting the application and declare that they have no personal interest in submitting the application.

Do not do it alone

Due to its uniqueness, the process of applying for a humanitarian visa in Israel is a complex and challenging process, which can take many years. It, therefore, requires patience on the part of the applicants and mainly explains why it is important to start the process with the full guidance of a law firm proficient in the field. Comprehensive legal assistance may simplify and shorten the process, while significantly increasing the chances that the application for the humanitarian visa will be approved at the end of the day.

An experienced law firm will surely know the main rules of the game in the field. For example, during the submission of the application, the applicant usually receives protection; His rights are not violated and his options for obtaining status in Israel are exhausted to the end. The circumstances of submitting the application vary substantially from case to case, and therefore our office devotes most of its efforts to examine each case on its own merits, providing personal attention, and managing each case according to the individual circumstances of each client.

Our firm’s experience in submitting this application gives us a great advantage; In the past, we have been successful in many cases of application for status for humanitarian reasons, whether in applications submitted to the Inter-Ministerial Committee in the Ministry of the Interior, the Advisory Committee on Foreign Workers, the Custody Court, the Appeals Court, the Administrative Courts and even the Supreme Court.