Our office provides a large spectrum of legal services for employees and employers in the private labor law field, with an emphasis on employing foreign workers.

Our office specializes in providing legal assistance for employers and employees; upon the execution of a work contract between the parties, in the stages of employing the worker, in advising about the rights and obligations of the parties, and after the termination of employee- employer relations.

Our office gives consultation regarding the employee’s rights, including: Work wage, extra hours, convalescence pay, compensation for holding back wages, sick days, travel expenses, annual leaves, pension funds, etc.

In addition, our office gives advice for the payments due to the parties from the termination of the employee-employer relationship, such as: Right for advance notice, material worsening in work conditions, severance pay, termination of work relations due to age, childbirth, reserve duty, health issues, change of living area, etc.

We shall support you from the beginning of the work relations, through the employment stage and until the termination of the relationship, including by sending or receiving a letter of demand, writing court documents, and representing you in courts and in arbitration or mediation proceedings.