Advocate Zari Hazan is a certified notary in the State of Israel, residing in Tel Aviv.

The actions a notary is certified for are exclusive to him. It should be noted in this matter that advocates who are not notaries are not qualified to provide the same services and perform actions a notary is certified to perform.

We provide all the notary services prescribed in the Notaries Law 1976, inter alia:

  • Notarial signature validation on documents
  • Approval on authorized signature
  • Certification of true copy and translation
  • Notarial approval and signature on affidavit
  • Notarized life certification
  • Certification of the trueness of an inventory
  • Testifying a negotiable instrument
  • Executing an instrument or other action in it required by law, foreign law or other to be performed by a notary.
  • Using public notary authorities under any other law
  • Validation of a spousal prenup executed before marriage

You are invited to our office for the delivery of any of the above actions, and to receive an authorized notarial approval by Advocate Zari Hazan.