Company's Profile

Zari Hazan and Co. Law office was established on the grounds of three key ideas: Integrity, Ethics, Values. Since then, these ideas are used as our motto,  and guide us in our various legal activities, in our day-to-day work with our clients and in front of state authorities.  

Zari Hazan and Co Law Office was established in 2004 by Advocate Zari Hazan, a graduate of the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzlia and a former executive in the communication field. The office team is comprised entirely of lawyers trained by the highest legal institutions in the public sector and by top private offices with vast experience in litigation and in the office’s fields of expertise.

Our office is involved in litigations dealing with the most current issues that stir public interest and discussed in the High Court of Justice, as well as in litigations that protect the rights of the citizen or foreigner in Israel.

Our clients include,  leading banks, international concerns, subsidiaries, top communication and High-tech companies, public organizations, municipalities and mayors, public figures and principal executives in Israel.

Our office specializes in entry into Israel laws, stay visas in Israel including foreign workers, as well as in the extension of visas, if required; migrating experts and foreign workers into Israel, administrative law and human rights including appeals; petitions and administrative appeals against state authorities in all legal instances, criminal law in general and representing employers in a criminal process for employing a foreign worker without a permit in particular.

Our leading line is uncompromised professionalism, comprehensive knowledge in law and in practice and strategic managerial skills accustomed to the client. This is how we achieve the desired target in the shortest time possible.

The professional excellence that characterizes the office is expressed both in formalizing the correct strategy for each case according to its needs, and in litigation and performance presented in front of the various legal instances. All these are designed order to get the best outcome for the client while maintaining professional and personal dignity and mutual respect.

Therefore, our team operates professionally and effectively in all aspects entailed within managing the stages of the legal proceed; as of the investigation, preparing the file and presenting it to the appropriate authority, and to representation in legal instances, in order to achieve the desired result in the shortest time possible.

Our lawyers have vast experience and knowledge in the field, and they are ready to provide quick, professional, effective answer at any time.

The basic values that form the ground stones of the office are expressed in all its activities, and thanks to them, the office that was established in 2004, became today one of the leading law firms in its field in Israel. All these, on top of the office’s ample experience and acquaintance with the procedures of the authorities and the law enforcement systems, made the office to be highly cherished by the legal community and gained it precedential success in the various fields of expertise of the office.

Out of sincere commitment to protect the needs of weak populations, the office includes amongst its clients those who cannot afford legal representation, and provides them with pro-bono service.