Adv. Zari Hazan

Adv. Zari Hazan, LLB graduate of the IDC in Herzelia, and BA graduate in communication and political science of the Journalism and Communication School “Koteret” and the Open University of Israel. Member of the Israel Bar Association since 2004.

For many years, Adv. Hazan was an editor and journalist in “Yediot Communications”, a subsidiary of Yediot Ahronot group. Among others, Adv. Hazan served as a deputy editor of “Tel Aviv Newspaper“, editor of various online magazines, and online writers coordinator. In his many years of working in the business, he also edited and wrote the legal section “Legal Community” in Tel Aviv Newspaper.

Adv. Hazan served as an intern at the magistrate and district courts of Tel Aviv-Yafo under the honorable judge Nira Lidski (of blessed memory).

On 2004, immediately after completing his internship, Adv. Hazan opened Zari Hazan and Co. Law Office, an office specializes in;

Administrative law and human rights, including appeals, petitions and administrative appeals against state authorities in all legal instances;

Entry into Israel laws, stay permits in Israel including for foreign workers, and their extension if required;

Migrating foreign experts and workers into Israel;

Criminal law in general and representation of employers in criminal proceedings for hiring a foreign employee without a permit in particular; and more.

Adv. Hazan is gifted with excellent performance and litigation skills in front of official authorities and legal instances. He acquired extensive experience in litigation and expertise in all the office’s occupations, focusing on entry into Israel laws and criminal law.

Adv. Hazan is an expert in forming the right strategy of treatment for each case according to its needs, and in supporting each case throughout the entire legal process; from the investigation or its representation in front of the authority, through its representation in front of the relevant legal instance.

Adv. Hazan is also highly experienced in court litigation, whether if it is at the Court of Appeals or at the Supreme Court, including petitions to the High Court of Justice.

The core values that are the building stones of this office are expressed in all its activities, and thanks to them, Zari Hazan and Co. Law Office became one of the leading law firms in Israel in its fields of expertise, and won precedential successes in various kernel issues that the office deal with daily.

Adv. Zari Hazan lives in Tel Aviv, married, father of three children.

Adv. Hazan also serves as:

  • 2019-present: Head of Immigration and Foreign Workers Committee on behalf of the Bar Association 2019-2020

    2016- present: Legal Counsel the Israeli Institute for Economic Planning

    2013- present: Judge- the Institute for the Player’s Status, the Israel Football Association

    2014-2015: The Head of Immigration and Foreign Workers Committee on behalf of the Israel Bar Association

    2012-2013: Legal Councel , the Public Committee for reform in the Israel Football Association

    2009-2011: Legal Counsel for Zalul Environmental Association 


Adv. Meytal Lupoliansky

Adv. Meytal Lupoliansky, B.A Graduate in Psychology and LLB graduate of the University of Haifa. Member of the Israel Bar Association since 2007.

Adv. Lupoliansky completed an internship in criminal and administrative law at the Supreme Court, and was subsequently a legal assistance in the Supreme Court, specializing in public, administrative, and criminal law.

Adv. Lupoliansky joined Zari Hazan and Co. Law Office in 2008, and became partner in 2016.

Adv. Lupoliansky possesses considerable experience in litigation, and she is an expert in all the office’s field of expertise; focusing on entry into Israel laws and administrative law, and specializing in petitions to the High Court of Justice. Adv. Lupoliansky won precedential successes for cases with high public profile.

Adherent to the values that guide the office, Adv. Lupoliansky leads a line of professional excellency, expressed both in forming the correct treatment strategy for each case according to its needs, in her argumentation skills in front of the various legal instances, and in providing a quick, professional, efficient answer to each client at any time.

All of the above are practiced in order to achieve the best possible outcome for the client while maintaining professional and personal integrity. 

Adv. Lupoliansky lives in Petach Tikva, married, mother of one.


Adv. Dafi Shagal

Adv. Dafi Shagal, LLB graduate of the College of Management in Rishon Lezion. Member of the Israel Bar Association since 2014.  Adv. Shagal completed her internship in tort law and insurance in a private law office. After being admitted to the Israel bar association, she volunteered and worked in various public and social project, and consequentially joined Zari Hazan and Co. Law Office. 

Today, Adv. Shagal concentrates the labor law field in the office. She has acquired great experience and knowledge both in administrative law, particularly in appeals and petitions against decisions of the various government offices, as well as in criminal law and white-collar law.

Adv. Shagal manages her cases diligently, while leaving no stone unturned, and originally thinking on irregular solutions for each case and its needs. As part of the staff she provides a professional, thorough answer for each case that anticipates future and sees the full consequences of managing the legal proceeding. 

Lives in Petach Tikva.


Adv. Rotem Blushtein

Adv. Rotem Blushtein completed her L.L.M in Law and Government in the IDC, Herzlyia. She is a member of the Israel Bar Association since 2014.

Adv. Blushtein was an intern in the Tel Aviv District Attorney’s Office and represented the State of Israel as a prosecutor in criminal proceedings. She also advised for complex cases with high public profile.

Adv. Blushtein joined Zari Hazan and Co. on 2015, and gained multiple experience and expertise in all the office’s fields of expertise, with an emphasis on criminal law, foreign workers employments and Israel’s immigration laws.

Adv. Blushtein lives in Even Yehuda, married, mother to one.


Adv. Julia Dernovsky

Adv. Julia Dernovsky, born in Russia, immigrated to Israel in 2000 and was educated in the Israel Goldstein Youth Village.

L.L.B graduate of the Academic Center for Law and Business in Ramat Gan. Member of the Israel Bar Association since 2016.

Adv. Dernovsky joined Zari hazan and Co. Law Office in 2010 as an office manager while studying law. She completed her internship in the office in all its legal fields, and after her admittance to the bar in 2016, became one of the office’s associates.

Adv. Dernovsky gained great experience in litigation in all the office’s fields of expertise, mainly in representing the individual in front of the Population and Immigration bureaus, and in administrative law.

Adv. Dernovsky volunteers on behalf of the Association of Immediate Help for Holocaust Survivors, and on 2017 joined the international association HIAS for the protection of refugees, also as a volunteer.

Lives in Talmei- Menashe, married.