Humanitarian Visa Application

Zari Hazan Law Office has long-standing expertise with acquiring visas for humanitarian reasons.

One of the most common and complicated applications that our office specializes in is the application for visa for humanitarian reasons submitted to the Ministry of Interior.

This application is relevant also in cases of foreign workers who were born and raised in Israel, foreign workers that their nursing patients are dependent on them, foreigners who need critical medical care, and other humanitarian issues, which for them there is no organized procedure of the Ministry of Interior for acquiring status in Israel.

The circumstances might essentially change in each case, but each matter shall be examined in light of its unique humanitarian circumstances.

 Our office has over 10 years of experience in this field, and for we achieved numerous successes in it. We represented countless of foreigners asking for status in Israel for various humanitarian reasons in front of the inter-ministerial committee of the Ministry of Interior, the advisory committee for foreign workers matters in exceptional situations of caregiving, the custody court, the administrative courts and the supreme court of justice.

This process requires great patience, but many times it ends with acquiring the desired status, in such a way that prevents a real damage for the lives or the honorable living of the applicants when applications under other protocols do not suffice.