Acquiring status for foreign spouse – widowed or divorced

Our office specializes in organizing stay visa and providing citizenship for foreign spouses of Israeli citizens, including status for widowed or divorced foreign partners.

The Ministry of Interior’s procedures regulate the situations in which the gradual process for acquiring citizenship, a process that takes many years until acquiring the final citizenship, during which the spouses settle down and establish life for themselves in Israel, is terminated.

Sometimes, due to unfortunate circumstances such as the death of an Israeli spouse, or in the other hand, divorce, the spousal process is terminated, but there are still many justifications for the foreign spouse to remain in Israel, and gain citizenship or permanent resident visa.

Among others, the Ministry of Interior examines in these cases the connection of the applicant to Israel, the duration of their residence in Israel until now, the social-economic submergence of the applicant in Israel, if there are mutual children, etc.

Our office has vast experience in acquiring residence visas and citizenship in cases of termination of the relationship, divorce from a spouse, death of a spouse, or other termination of the gradual process.

Our office has succeeded many times to acquire permanent stay permits and citizenship in these circumstances. Moreover, some petitions we have filed on the subject in front of the Ministry of Interior, reached up to the supreme court and were eventually accepted