Acquiring Status for An Unmarried Foreign Spouse

In the modern world and thanks to technology, geographical distances are insignificant when it comes to relationships, and so we encounter many mixed couples from different countries of origin, who seek to establish a life together.

A foreign spouse of an Israeli citizen is not automatically eligible for a status in Israel, as the couple must prove first to the Ministry of Interior that they sustain a genuine relationship. Only then can the citizen invite the foreign spouse to Israel or settle the status of the foreign spouse already living in Israel.

Zari Hazan Advocates paved the way in the field of acquiring status for a foreign spouse in Israel, as part of our commitment and responsibility to lead the defense on human rights field in Israel, especially with all that is concerned with Israel’s immigration laws.

for a foreign spouse of an Israeli citizen.

The process of settling the status of a foreign spouse of an Israeli citizen is a complex process under the Ministry of Interior’s procedures, which takes at least five years.

The beginning of the process is upon submitting an application form to acquire status in Israel for the foreign spouse of an Israeli citizen; throughout the process the applicant is required to provide various documents from his/her country of origin and finally, the couple must go through annual interviews in the Ministry of Interior’s bureaus.

During this time, the couple is required to prove they are running a shared household and an honest, genuine relationship via various means, including recurring enquiries in the Ministry of Interior.

It is recommended to be accompanied in this procedure by a lawyer who is proficient in the procedures and experienced with the Ministry of Interior, in order to achieve maximum success.

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