Zari Hazan and Co. Law office specializes in filing administrative appeals against the Ministry of Interior and the Minister of Interior in the administrative courts.

The legal assistance provided by our office is through and extensive; we accompany our clients and advise them as of the initial stage of representation in the Ministry of Interior, via appeals on its decision, as required, and until exhausting all the legal proceeds, including filing an administrative appeal against the Minster of Interior’s decision.

As lawyers who specialize in all Ministry of Interior’s fields of expertise, Zari Hazan and Co. has long standing and extensive acquaintance with the Ministry of Interior and its conduct, in issues relating to acquiring status in Israel based on the Law of Return, the Foreign Workers Law, the Prevention of Infiltration Law, etc.

Such acquaintance, together with the vast knowledge and experience of the office in these topics, give us great advantage in front of the Ministry of Interior in the various courts.

The Ministry and Minister of Interior’s power was given to them in the Israeli law, regulations and procedures instated in virtue thereof.  They are obliged to enact their power proportionally and reasonably, in accordance with the administrative court rules. As an administrative authority, all their decisions are subject to the criticism of the administrative courts and of the High Court of Justice.

Our office made it its point to guard the preservation of the individual’s rights in front of the Ministry of Interior, especially in light of the heavy influence its decisions have on private lives in Israel.

Among the rest, our office filed many administrative appeals, a large part of which dealt with urgent, sensitive issues, including issues that demanded transferring the discussion or filing an appeal on the decision to the supreme court.

Our office filed and won administrative appeals in front of the Ministry of Interior in issues reaching to the heart of democracy, such as not  giving longstanding residents citizenship, abuse of citizenship seekers, deportation of foreign workers in the middle of their nursing care of the elderly people dependent on them; in issues that relate to the illegal activation of power, such as in cases of adopting a decision in lieu of the Ministry of Interior with no justification and signature; and in issues of unreasonable and disproportionate damage to the liberties of the individual, such as in cases of the detention of asylum seekers in Holot facility, and more.

Therefore, also when your application has been refused or your appeal against the Ministry’s decision has been denied, you are welcome to come to our office to receive an additional exhaustive answer embodied in the administrative appeal.