Administrative Appeals

Zari Hazan Law Office specializes in serving administrative appeals and representing in administrative courts, which are the district courts spread across Israel.

Our office has been engaged for many years in serving administrative appeals in different matters relating to the actions and decision of the state’s authorities in various fields, specifically in matters connected to the decisions of the Population and Immigration Authority, the local authorities and decisions adopted under the NGO Law. 

The law and the regulations instated in its virtue that manage the filing of administrative appeals regulate the matters relating to conflicts between the individual and the authority, which is a public authority, local authority or any person serving in the capacity of a public representative by law. Our office is highly experienced with representing the individual in front of state’s authorities.

Our office filed and represented in many administrative appeals, a large part of which dealing with urgent and sensitive matters that require an appeal or a transfer of discussion to the supreme court.

Our office filed and won administrative appeals in issues that reach the kernels of democracy such as unlawfully not giving longstanding residents citizenship, abuse of citizenship seekers, deportation of foreign workers in the middle of their nursing care of the elderly people dependent on them; in issues that relate to the unauthorized activity of the authority, such as in cases of adopting a decision in lieu of the Ministry of Interior with no justification and signature; and in issues of unreasonable and disproportionate damage to the liberties of the individual, such as in cases of the detention of asylum seekers in Holot facility, and more. 

The lawyers in Zari Hazan Law office were trained in the most professional departments for administrative law, such as the State Attorney’s Office and the Supreme Court.

Together with our veteran experience in the field and the values that guide us, we provide vast protection and relentless presentation in administrative appeals before the administrative courts, including the supreme court.