Administrative Offenses

An offense that is defined an administrative offence, for which it is customary to impose an administrative penalty only, might become, in accordance with the authorities’ policy, an offense for which a criminal charge will be served. Therefore, even though the criminal act behind it does not constitute a crime, the administrative offence is a criminal offence for all intents and purposes.

One of the major specialties of Zari Hazan and Co. Law office is criminal law, and we have extended experience in representing defendants who were served with an indictment for performing an administrative offence.

In case the administrative offense was committed, commuting the offense to penalty may prevent the indictment and may be even resolved without criminal records, provided the terms in the Administrative Offenses Law are fulfilled.

In addition, the penalty sum may change drastically in accordance with the circumstances, and it is possible to claim against it in court or ask to reduce it significantly.

Zari Hazan and Co. Law office represented dozens of defendants charged with administrative offenses; our office achieved great success in many cases, as well as in appeals on decisions made by lower instances that were turned to acquittal or that their penalty sum decreased substantially.