Making “Aliyah” to Israel is a dream come true for many Jewish people around the world.

The Law of Return allows every Jewish person living in the diaspora to immigrate to Israel and receive Israeli citizenship.

While there are many options available for making Aliyah, our office offers a unique premium service geared towards those with more complicated financial or legal issues.

Our specialized lawyers will accompany you throughout the process to easily overcome any challenge or obstacle that may arise.

How do I start the process?

Before making Aliyah, you will need to collect the relevant documents proving your Jewish religion and other identifying documents. The Jewish Agency helps “Olim Chadashim” (new immigrants) with a basket of benefits, but the immigration and integration process into Israel can still be complex due to cultural and language differences. At the beginning of the process, we will verify your eligibility for immigration and collaborate with all the relevant parties until you receive a visa to Israel.

Tax planning before making Aliyah

One of the most important things to prearrange before coming to Israel is taxation. Our office has a tax specialist with 15 years of experience in tax and finances, who will accompany you in all your tax issues. Before making Aliyah, we will build a tax plan with you to make sure you are choosing the best tax option in your Aliyah process.
Legal needs that arise during the process; from immigration to labor laws
We specialize in a variety of legal fields; from immigration to labor and business laws, taxation, residential matters and more. Whether you would like to open a business or consult about a residential contract- we will be there at your service for any legal need that may arise during your Aliyah process.

After the Aliyah

Law Office Adv. Zari Hazan and Co. is an office that provides personal and devoted legal services to each and every client, especially to those who made Aliyah and need our guidance in settling down in Israel. At the end of the process, we will be your home for any legal consultation to help you obtain the best possible accommodation in the State of Israel.

Zari Hazan & Co. Law Office was established in 2004 by Adv. Zari Hazan, a graduate of Herzliya Interdisciplinary Center, a former collaborator in the media world, and an expert in immigration.
Adv, Zari Hazan serves as Chairman of the Israel Immigration Committee in the Israel Bar.