Business Visit Visa

Our office specializes in obtaining stay visas in Israel for foreign experts, foreign workers and other visa applicants, such as business visitors. We are experts in the required bureaucracy and procedures for receiving such visa.    

On 2015 the Ministry of Interior installed a new experimental procedure for the duration of 10 years, which enables the grant of a business visit visa in Israel for businessmen from Chine only, to enhance the corporation and financial connections between Israel and China. 

This visa is a special B/2 visa for a business visitor, designated especially for businessmen from china interested in developing their business in Israel and maintain proven business activity via various ways appointed in the procedure.

Applying for a visit visa in Israel under the procedure of the Ministry of Interior is a unique process, requiring a license prior to the arrival in Israel in one of the Chinese agencies in Israel, and various approvals for both the local and federal authorities in China.

Moreover, acquiring a stay permit to perform a business visit and develop your business in Israel is entailed with fulfilling and meeting various conditions.

Our office is highly experiences in procedures of the Ministry of Interior and is proficient in the new procedure and its terms. We can assist you with acquiring the stay permit from the Ministry of Interior in the most efficient and correct way and in prolonging your stay as you wish, according to law.