Chef Visa for Ethnical Restaurants

Our office specializes in acquiring chef visa for ethnic restaurants. Under the Ministry of Interior’s procedure, an ethnic restaurant is a restaurant that serves food purely from the Asian kitchen, such as Chinese, Japanese, Indian and Thai. 

Expert chef visa is a B/1 type visa provided for one year and extended each year under the procedure. The visa is granted only for chefs that their specialization in the specific Asian food served in the restaurant has been proved by their previous experience.

The procedure also requires that the wage paid to the expert chef will be twice the average salary in Israel, like any other expert, and that a fee for the visa will be paid as well.

As a law firm with rich experience in all the fields controlled by the Ministry of Interior, Zari Hazan Law Office has many successes in the field of providing visas for expert chefs, and so many chefs in well-known Asian restaurant across the country acquired their visa with our help, and under the procedure.

Our office is well acquainted with all the required procedures to get the visa in the quickest, most efficient way, and to renew the visa continuously under the terms provided by law.