Employing a Caretaker/ Extension of Employment

Zari Hazan and Co. Law firm specializes in employing a foreign caretaker, acquiring visa and extending a visa for a foreign caretaker in various circumstances.

The procedures of the Ministry of Interior regulate the terms for employing a foreign caretaker, and for receiving a permit to employ a foreign worker in nursing.

For example, under the procedures, the employer must provide adequate living for the caretaker, employ him/her in nursing works only, employ him/her on a fulltime basis, be entitled to a foreign caretaker in nursing according to medical examinations or National Insurance, etc.

In order to employ a foreign caretaker, one must file an application for an employment permit in the various bureaus of the Ministry of Interior.

Our office is widely experienced in receiving permits to employ foreign caretakers, and in extending visas for caretakers in the Ministry of Interior bureaus across the country, as well as in the administrative courts, under a petition or an administrative appeal on the Ministry’s decisions.

In special humanitarian circumstances, it is possible to file an application for permit even if one does not meet all the conditions fixed in the Ministry of Interior’s procedure.

Employing a foreign caretaker is a sensitive subject with prevailing implications to the life of the elderly, hence it must be taken care of with the utmost professionalism, by an expert attorney.