Zari Hazan Law office advises employers about the best way to employ workers, including household employees, under the law.

Household employees are today a significant part of the population in Israel that have a very important value to the employer, and are entitled to rights under the Israeli labor laws.

 However, since these are hourly employees, with a unique type of work, the calculation of their right is different for them.

Our office specializes in labor laws and is highly experienced in calculating household employee rights and hourly employee rights, regarding foreign workers and Israeli workers as well.

Our office is also highly experienced in representing in labor courts with relation to household workers employment, in situations of employers coming to us after being sued by their employees on illegal employment and in other situations.

We recommend you legal advice as of the employment of the first household employee in order to receive employee rights calculation to make sure you are operating under law. This way you will be able to minimize your exposure to different lawsuits and consider well what is the most effective and right form of employment for you.