Family Reunification Procedure

The family reunification procedure in the Ministry of Interior is a procedure designated for Israeli citizens who wish to reunite with their families across the border, often at the Palestinian Authority.

In the past, a procedure similar to the procedure of acquiring citizenship for a family member of an Israeli citizen was in order but since 2002, the Ministry of Interior changed the Entry into Israel Law and its procedures regarding family reunification of Israeli Arabs with Palestinian citizens.

Today, applications submitted after May 2002 for family reunification with partners and family members residing in Palestinian territories are approved only upon special circumstances, such as specific age, special humanitarian reasons or country’s unique interests.

Zari Hazan and Co. Law Office is an expert of obtaining entry and stay permits in Israel in virtue of family reunification; a complex process, which might take years, and that has been frequently debated in Israeli rulings.

Our office was engaged in several cases that at times involved special humanitarian reasons or others that justified the provision of the permit, and we even succeeded in petitions in this subject in front of the supreme court.

These intricate, humanitarian issues require a persistent legal struggle, but despite their complexity, our office managed not once to provide entry into, and stay permits in Israel to the authority’s citizens and achieved family reunification.