Foreign Hi-tech Expert Visa

Zari Hazan and Co Advocates is a professional law firm in the field of migrating foreign experts, in particular foreign hi-tech experts.

Our office is well acquainted with the different needs of companies engaged in this field, which require the best professionals and experts in this rapidly changing technological area.

Israel is a leading country in renovation, digital technology and hit-tech, but hundreds of companies in the field who reside in Israel lack personnel, and sometimes require foreign experts to keep and develop the company or start-up. 

In order for a company to receive work visas for transporting foreign hi-tech specialists, it must meet several substantial terms and criteria, such as; paying the foreign expert a paycheck of twice the average wage in Israel, proving the unique specialty of the foreign worker and his/her necessity to the company, as well as paying the considerable foreign expert fee required by the Ministry of Interior.

The importance of the subject, along with its high cost, direct that this a procedure to be executed with serious consideration and most effectively, by the assistance of an expert lawyer.

Our office possesses the required experience in the field of acquiring work visa for foreign hi-tech specialist in the Ministry of Interior, and thank to us many companies and start-ups got to migrate successfully dozes of experts, and even extend their visas, as the case may be.