Our office represents employers of foreign workers in several fields for many years, and specializes in labor law, and in foreign worker employment laws.

Employers of foreign workers are committed to act under the foreign workers employment laws in Israel, pay employers tax (foreign worker levies), receive license to employ a foreign worker, etc.

Before employing a foreign worker, it is important to know that employment terms of foreign workers are identical in their large majority to the employment terms of Israeli workers.

Thus, for instance, foreign workers are entitled to receive national insurance for foreign worker, minimum wage, annual leave, travel expenses, convalescence pay, severance pay, pension for foreign workers, etc.

Our office advises employers with all that is connected to employing a foreign worker, and the different rights and payments deserving to the employee under the Israeli labor laws; upon hiring a foreign worker, during his / her employment period by assisting with various legal questions that may rise, and upon the termination of employee-employer relations.

Foreign worker employment terms are a complicated matter for those who are not experts in Israeli labor laws. We recommend you take legal advice in order to employ in accordance with the law, and protect yourself from future claims.