Foreign Workers Lawyer

Law office Zari Hazan and Co. considered itself obligated to lead the protection of human rights field in Israel in general, and particularly regarding Israel’s immigration laws.

Our office is a leader in the foreign workers field and we specialize in legal consultancy and assistance for acquiring and extending work and stay visas for foreign workers in various fields.

The foreign workers population in Israel is one of the most disadvantaged populations in Israel; the majority of foreign workers encounter language barriers and difficulty to communicate with the authorities, in a great many cases their country of origin is poor and war struck, and they are not aware of their rights.

There are many cases which require significant legal support, and many times we managed to enable a foreign worker to stay in Israel for unique humanitarian reasons, spousal relationship with an Israeli citizen, close relationship with a nursing patient, the authority’s activity that is against the law or other causes served as a justification for providing a stay permit.

 Zari Hazan Law Office specializes also in:

  • Applications for visas for humanitarian reasons 
  • Legal advice for foreign workers’ employers 
  • Legal advice for foreign workers’ rights 
  • Handling arrests by the Immigration police.