Handling the arrest of a foreign worker

In Zari Hazan Law Office we acquired significance experience and expertise in handling arrest of foreign workers and we have the skills to take care these most gentle situations in the most professional way.

One of the most complex and delicate situations that unfortunately occurs often in Israel, is when a foreign worker is arrested by the immigration police and gets sent to a detention center, where he/she is held in custody until they are deported from Israel. Such situation completely shakes the life of the foreign worker, his/her family in Israel and frequently also the lives of the family members he/she works for.

The arrest of a foreign worker is a procedure in which the worker needs a lawyer instantly; without legal representation, he or she might be rapidly deported to their country of origin without having the opportunity to lay their claims properly and present their case.

In our office, we accompany the foreign worker from the point of initial arrest at the detention center, write petitions for the numerous authorities, represent the worker in front of the detention center’s court and when required serve appeals that reach until the supreme court of justice.

Even though each case stands on its own, the experience in cases of foreign workers arrest is extremely important. Zari Hazan Law Office acquired throughout the years the deep knowledge and acquaintance with the obscure bureaucracy entailed in the subject, which is why we know so well how to stand and defend the workers’ rights in this subject, which we do relentlessly.

Whether it was situations of caregivers exchanging employers, children of foreign workers or other foreign workers who had justification to continue their stay in Israel- many times we succeeded in our office to prevent the deportation order for the foreign worker and return them to their regular lives in Israel.

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