The laws responsible of regulating immigration to Israel are; The Law of Return, which entitles an immigration right for every Jew who wishes to immigrate to Israel, the Citizenship and Entry into Israel Law and the Nationality Law.

Zari Hazan Law Office – Israel Immigration Lawyer, specializes in immigration to Israel in virtue of these three laws and is proficient with all the immigration opportunities offered by the state of Israel.

In general, the possibility to immigrate to Israel for a non-Jewish person is limited, yet the law allows immigration in special cases, such as: spouses (married or not married), foreign specialists, work immigrants in certain cases, descendants of Jews, foreign students, artists, etc.

Our office is vastly experienced in such cases and we achieved great success in acquiring stay and residence visas for immigrants included in these categories.

Our office is well acquainted with the various immigration methods to Israel in accordance with the law, and we can advise you about the best possible way for you to immigrate to Israel, whether temporarily or permanently.

In addition, Zari Hazan and Co, Israel Immigration Lawyer, is experienced with filing appeals on rejections of applications to immigrate, whether in virtue of the Law of Return, when the request to acknowledge the immigrants’ Judaism was denied, whether in virtue of the Citizenship and Entry into Israel Law, such as in cases of not recognizing the spousal connection and in other situations as well that are not recognized under the Nationality Law, such as: Children of Israeli citizens, single elderly parents, etc.

In unusual cases, our office even attained an approval for an immigration application for special humanitarian causes.

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