Zari Hazan and Co. Law Office specializes in acquiring Israeli citizenship in various cases. We have vast experience with acquiring Israeli citizenship after waver, after marriage, acquiring Israeli citizenship for children, for a permeant residence as well acquiring a stay permit.

How to get Israeli citizenship?

Israel is not a country of immigration. Acquisition of citizenship in the only liberal democracy in the Middle East is a complicated process.

The conditions for acquiring Israeli citizenship vary in each case, according to the circumstances and personal status, and there are various procedures of the MIO for each case and circumstances.

For instance, under the Procedure for Acquiring Israeli Citizenship after Renunciation the application has to be submitted abroad, whereas when the application is based upon marriage, the obligatory condition is that the foreigner is in Israel for at least three years out of the  last five.

Our proficiency in the various and multiple procedures enables us to provide you with the correct and accurate answer for every case.

Can foreigners become Israeli citizens?

In general, the possibility to immigrate to Israel for a non-Jewish person is limited, yet the law allows immigration in special cases, such as: spouses (married or not married), foreign specialists, work immigrants in certain cases, descendants of Jews, foreign students, artists, etc.

The requirements are very complex and may not be understandable to outsiders. Thus, it is fundamental to seek the assistance of an expert immigration Israeli lawyer.

Throughout the years we gained deep acquaintance and experience at the various bureaus of the Ministry of Interior, and we acknowledge both the limitations and the possibilities the Ministry offers.

Why apply for Israeli citizenship?

Israeli citizenship grants civil rights and obligations such as: the right to vote in elections, the right to issue an Israeli passport, the right of unlimited movement from the country and abroad, and other important rights. 

Therefore, residents without citizenship and many other people staying in Israel, apply in an attempt to find out their chances of getting Israel citizenship.

With all the difficulties, Israel is a wonderful country to live in, with a high quality of life index.

What are the possible ways to get Israeli citizenship?

Israel’s Nationality Law suggests 3 main routes that may help an immigrant to become an Israeli citizen:


To apply for naturalization in Israel, you must have been physically resident in Israel for 3 of the previous 5 years, able to speak basic Hebrew ,prove Israel as your center of life and renounce your current citizenship.

The Law of Return

By means of virtue of the ‘Law of Return’, every Jew has the right to come to Israel through a process called “Aliyah” after expressing his desire to settle in Israel, and apply for citizenship. ‘The Law of Return’ also refers to the spouse and children of a Jew.

Israeli Citizenship by Marriage

If you marry an Israeli citizen you might become eligible for Israeli citizenship, depending on a complex 5-years-minimum process known as the “Gradual Process” which includes providing proof of a genuine relationship.

Our office is vastly experienced in such cases and we achieved great success in acquiring stay and residence visas for immigrants included in these categories.

Our office is well acquainted with the various immigration methods to Israel in accordance with the law, and we can advise you about the best possible way for you to immigrate to Israel, whether temporarily or permanently.

In addition, Zari Hazan and Co is experienced with filing appeals on rejections of applications to immigrate, whether in virtue of the Law of Return, when the request to acknowledge the immigrants’ Judaism was denied, whether in virtue of the Citizenship and Entry into Israel Law, such as in cases of not recognizing the spousal connection and in other situations as well that are not recognized under the Nationality Law, such as: Children of Israeli citizens, single elderly parents, etc.

How to apply for israeli citizenship?

Download, print and complete this forms:

Naturalization application form 

Naturalization statement

Statement of additional citizenship

Our law firm specializes in acquiring Israeli citizenship in complicated cases.

You are welcome and even encouraged to contact us.

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