A foreign citizen who asks to enter Israel must have an entry visa in accordance with the Citizenship and Entry into Israel Law.

A foreign citizen who asks to work in Israel must have appropriate entry visa and work visa, subject to the exclusions the law permits.

The Ministry of Interior is responsible for providing all different types of visas, which takes place at the Population and Immigration Authority.

Our office specializes in the multiple laws regulating the entry into Israel and stay in it, in submitting applications to the Population and Immigration Authority, and in issuing visas and stay permits in Israel for foreign, non-Jewish citizens.

The unique circumstances of each foreign citizen upon his / her arrival in Israel are distinct in each and every case, which requires us to perform thorough examinations and give personal treatment for each individual, something we highly believe in.

Our office is experienced with multiple, dissimilar cases and we have an extensive, long-standing expertise with issuing visas at the Ministry of Interior, in its multiple bureaus throughout Israel.

In addition, submitting an application for a Israeli Visa and for a visa extension requires the highest-level of professionalism, as the proceedings may take a long time and the difficulties the citizen applying for the visa has to face are not diminishable. These, are on top of the existing obstacles the foreign citizen is facing as is of foreign language, adjusting to a new place and local bureaucracy.

Our job is to insure your protection and treatment all throughout the process, until achieving the best possible outcome in your case, and we will advise and assist you with every application, procedure and meeting in the Ministry of Interior and the Population and Immigration Authority until the Israeli Visa is issued