Legal advice for companies on employing foreign workers

The laws for employing foreign workers usually correspond to the general labor laws, but there is a number of exceptions and limitations to be aware of when employing foreign workers.

Our office specializes in employing foreign workers and advices companies regarding foreign employments laws, conditions, terms for receiving a license to employ a foreign worker, and more.

As a rule, foreign workers are entitled for the same work rights as any other worker in Israel. This applies for example to mandatory contributions such as national security for the foreign worker, contribution for pension fund, severance payments, etc.

However, foreign workers are often contract workers, agency workers or part time workers, and each case has its unique circumstances that require legal knowledge, expertise and skill in the relevant laws.

 The services we provide to companies are drafting employment agreements, providing ongoing consultation regarding the rights of the employees under law and the method for employing foreign workers, and of course representing employers in front of the labor courts in these matters.

 Zari Hazan and Co. Law Office has rich experience in the field of foreign workers’ rights, and we represent many companies in employing foreign workers from different countries and sectors in the fields of nursing, construction, agriculture, etc.