Ministry of Interior Lawyer

The advocates in Zari Hazan Law Office represent applicants in the Ministry of Interior for many years and they have long standing acquaintance with the MOI’s bureaus spread across Israel.

A Ministry of Interior lawyer accompanies his/her clients in each meeting and constitutes the linking persona between you and the official office.

Applying for citizenship, visas and permits in the Ministry of Interior can be a long and complex process. It requires handling a large extent of bureaucracy, as well as legal expertise in choosing the best lane for you to make the process as quick and effective as possible.

We in Zari Hazan Law Office know how to provide with the correct representation in every Ministry of Interior’s bureau across Israel, and in accordance with the circumstances of the specific case. Amongst the fields we acquired vast experience and expertise in the Ministry of Interior are application for visas and stay permits for:

  • Married spouses
  • Common-law spouses
  • Foreign specialists
  • Foreign workers
  • Children of foreign workers
  • Asylum seekers
  • Academics, students
  • New immigrants to Israel and more

Each application served to the Ministry of Interior demands serving all the correct and appropriate documents, whereas the process of their invention requires sometimes certifications from foreign embassies as well as documents from the applicant’s country of origin.

In the development of the process, the applicants face several interviews and meetings at the office’s bureaus.

We in Zari Hazan Law office will guide you with finding the most appropriate strategy for your application, assist you with the process of serving the document in the most effective way, and accompany you all along the way with the various meetings and interviews in the bureaus of the Ministry of Interior.