High-tech employers – please notice: The Israeli government has approved the entry of 500 Palestinian high-tech workers into Israel’s high-tech workforce by direct hire and not as contract workers. As a leading firm in the field of foreign high-tech experts employment, we are happy to take part in leveraging and promoting this valuable and important issue.

From now on, you too can hire Palestinian workers in the Israeli companies.

A new initiative to promote economic relations between Israel and the Palestinian Authority, in which everyone benefits:

Israeli companies will benefit from a motivated skilled workforce in these times of worker shortage, young Palestinians will enjoy professional development and The State of Israel will benefit from an incentive to reduce the conflict.

What’s going on in the industry?

The Israeli high-tech industry is going through a manpower crisis due to a shortage of about 13,000 development workers. Many high-tech companies examine the issue of hiring outsourced foreign experts, and encounter a complicated procedure involving astronomical costs.

The new solution approved by the government opens up for many companies the possibility of recruiting employees at low costs and also in junior positions.

At the same time, the Palestinian high-tech industry suffers from a severe shortage of jobs and long-term projects, which is causing extremely high unemployment rates among technologically educated young people. The integration of Palestinian high-tech workers in the Israeli market will open up a variety of personal and professional advancement opportunities for those workers, along with a major contribution to strengthening the Palestinian economy.

The procedure of acquiring work visa for Palestinian Hi-tech Expert

The visa application procedure requires the completion of three main steps:

  1. Proving the meeting the criteria and employment terms
  2. Issuing a direct hire permit
  3. Submitting an application for a work permit

what are the criteria for employing Palestinian high-tech workers?

In order to employ a Palestinian high-tech worker, his salary must be set at a rate of at least 150% of the average monthly wages, which currently stands at about 12,000 NIS for general workers and 26,000 NIS for high-tech workers. This means that an Israeli employer seeking to employ a Palestinian worker will be required to pay him at least 17,700 NIS a month.

Despite being below-average-monthly-wages in Israeli high-tech, this wage still constitutes a barrier that will prevent employers from employing Palestinian workers at too low a wage, and yet not to pose a threat to the Israeli workers employed in the industry.

Interested in exploring the possibility of employing high-tech Palestinian workers in your company?

Our firm possesses the required experience in the field of acquiring work visa for foreign hi-tech experts, as well as Palestinian high-tech workers in a similar procedure. Adv. Zari Hazan serves as chairman of Immigration and foreign workers Committee in the Bar Association. The companies we accompany benefit from full control of all stages of the process, until the visa is acquired and even extended if necessary.

We will be happy to be at your service.