Petitions to the High Court of Justice- Hearings about Laws, Procedures and Regulations

Zari Hazan Law office made it its point to protect human rights in Israel, which is why we consider petitions to the High Court of Justice a substantial ingredient of our services.

The proceeding is engaged with primary and elementary human and civil rights in Israel, hence its immense importance and influence.

The capacity of the supreme court sitting as the High Court of Justice is to criticize decisions or actions taken by the authorities. This unique capacity is anchored in article 15 for the Basic Law: The Judiciary and transfers vast authorities to the High Court of Justice including the ability to cancel illegally adopted decisions, execute release orders, give reliefs in the interest of justice that are not under the capacity of any other court, execute orders for the authorities and their representatives, and execute orders for various legal instances to discuss or not discuss a certain matter.       

Zari Hazan and Co. Law Office specializes in administrative law and has the required expertise and skills to conduct a High Court of Justice proceed in the supreme court. Thus, we are possessed with great experience and enjoyed many wins in petitions to the High Court of Justice represented by us against the Israeli authorities.

Via the application to the High Court of Justice proceeding, our office fights for correcting wrongs or injustice caused to the individual or the public, which enable us to offer another vital, encompassing solution to our clients.