Representation of Non-profit organizations 

Our office specializes in representing and advising NGOs from the moment they are born throughout their lives; establishing the NGO, forming its articles of association, registering it at the registrar and giving ongoing legal advice and representation in front of the various authorities.

The legal issues rising during the lifetime of an NGO many times require close legal consultancy, mainly to preserve the NGO’s unique legal status.

For example, under the NGO Law in Israel, an association is a nonprofit legal entity entitled to benefits and rights in virtue of the law thanks to its unique structure. In order to receive those benefits, the NGO must meet the requirements of the law, such as: Forming the appropriate institutions it is required to, serving financial statements and additional documents required by the registrar and doing so in a timely manner, paying fees, etc.    

To meet these requirements, one must be supported by a professional ongoing legal counsel. For instance, two years after forming the NGO, the organization can apply for a good order approval, so it will be eligible for benefits and supports from public authorities. Receiving this approval is vital to the life of the NGO and usually requires legal assistance.

Zari Hazan Law Office is proficient in Corporate Law and is experienced in representing cooperative societies, associations and NGOs, companies for public benefit, etc. The service we provide is a professional, personal legal service that enables the association to meet its obligations in order to ensure its rights.