Representation of Employers

Zari Hazan and Co. are labor law lawyers with many years of experience in the field of representing employers in various work matters.

Every employer is exposed to legal risks on behalf of its employees, and is obliged to adhere to the mandatory labor laws of Israel.

In order to meet the conditions of the law and maintain the employees’ rights, the employer must be informed about the law and supported by ongoing legal advice. On the other hand, employers also have the right to manage their business according to their will, and they must defend their business and preserve their rights in front of the employee.

Our office accompanies many employers regarding labor laws and provides ongoing support in managing the employment, drafting work agreements, managing dismissal procedures as required by law, and representing employers in front of the labor courts in Israel.

Our office represented employers in various issues, such as sexual harassment, work conditions, unlawful termination of work, violation of work agreements, etc.

Among others, our office represents foreign workers and foreign experts’ employers with hiring foreign employees under the requirements of the law.

We provide legal services and ongoing advice at the field of labor law for big as well as small employers in hi-tech, technology, agriculture, food, retail, etc.