Representing Employers of Foreign Workers Without Permits

One of the most common administrative offences is employing a foreign employee with no valid legal work permit. As it is an administrative offence such as traffic offenses for example, in the past, it was regulated by an administrative penalty. Today however, due to the increasing number of such offences, employers are being indicted with criminal charges for employing a foreign worker without a permit.

Thus, an employer that a foreign worker was caught in his/her home or business without a work visa, is summoned to a criminal investigation and is liable for an indictment within a criminal procedure to be ruled by the labor court.

Our office specializes in representing employers who illegally employed a foreign worker, and many times we achieved a commuting of the offense back to administrative penalty, canceled fines imposed on employers or decreased them significantly. Within the criminal procedures, our office many times brings to a complete acquittal or dismissal of the conviction.

Our office is highly experienced in representing employers in the labor courts and in providing professional advice all throughout the proceedings until achieving the best solution for you, as applicable.

Our office represented multiple employers in this issue, some of them are high profiled in the business and public world. Therefore, we are aware of the subject’s sensitivity rising from the repercussions the criminal conviction might bring to the client, regardless of the penalty sum imposed.   

It shall be emphasized that there is a crucial significance for being represented by an expert attorney in the field, immediately with the arrest of an illegal foreign worker at the employer’s premises, I order to achieve the best legal outcome.