Representing political parties and municipalities

Our office has great expertise and experience in the administrative law fields, especially in laws regulating the activities of local authorities, parties, and municipal laws.

The legal issues the office deals with in this field are issues stemming from the political activities of the parties in the local authorities, including election processes in local authorities, representation in local committees and additional matters, substantial and diverse, which the municipal parties are engaged with daily.   

As an administrative authority, the local authority is subject to ongoing legal criticism and is committed to meet the public law rules. The election process in the municipality must be in order, transparent and reflective upon the public will.

Our office has vast experience in representing local political parties; we achieved crucial successes in administrative proceedings that took place in the supreme courts, in cases engaged with primary principles of the democratic process in the local governance.

In addition, the local authority is responsible by its definition for supplying many vital services, including the most basic needs of the inhabitants, such as water, education, housing, etc. 

We specialize in representing municipalities in matters relating to supplying services to their residents, including their binding to several entities, public and private, and performing tenders for such purpose.

In addition, we practice representing municipalities in matters of tax collection and other issues involving the authority and the residents, such as providing business licenses, etc.

The ongoing, diverse and encompassing activity of the municipality exposes it to legal claims that require professional advice by an expert in the field, which we, in Zari Hazan Law Office, are able and happy to give.