Representing Senior Employees

As lawyers who specialize in the various aspects of labor law, our office has long-standing experience in representing various employees, as well as senior executives, in standing on their rights in front of their employers.

Our office is well familiarized with the unique characterizations of the senior executive, who is entitled just like any other employee for rights under the Israeli labor laws; hearing before dismissal, severance payments, holding back work wages, etc.

However, as opposed to other employees, senior employees usually sign individual contracts that require separate legal examination and expertise than that required when dealing with regular employees.

Our office specializes in representing senior executives in proceedings against employers, which are often solved by internal procedures or alternative judicial proceedings such as arbitration or mediation but sometimes reach court hearings in the Israel labor courts.

We make sure to consider all individual circumstances for providing the most proper and successful legal treatment that will exert the most of the employee’s rights.