The Appeals Tribunal

The appeals tribunal acts in lieu of the Entry into Israel Law and constitutes a court of appeals for decisions of the Immigration and Population Authority in issues of entry, stay and residence in Israel as well in citizenship issue in virtue of this law.   

Zari Hazan and Co. advocates regularly represent in the appeals tribunals, in proceeding of appeals on the decisions of the Population and Immigration Authority. In many cases, we have managed to turn the authority’s decision on its head or cancel it and reinstate it for the decision of the relevant population authority bureau in the Ministry of Interior.   

The authority for providing stay and entry to Israel visas is administrated to the Population and Immigration Authority by the Ministry of Interior.

Appeals on the decision of the authority is served today to three appeals tribunals in Israel located in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and Beer Sheva, which constitute a substitution for the objections committees that were used in the past as the entity for appealing on the authority’s decisions.

Appeals on the decision of the appeals tribunals are served at the district courts sitting as administrative courts.

Zari Hazan and Co. Law Office acquired unique knowledge and expertise in appealing on the authority’s decisions. In many cases and in intricate circumstances we manage to cancel invalid decisions of the authority, basing ourselves on various legal and factual causes of providing entry and stay permits for foreign workers, spouses of Israeli citizens, children and parents of Israeli citizens, etc.