The Law of Return

Our office specializes in providing Israeli citizenship to foreigners around the world, among the rest by virtue of the ‘Law of Return’.

In general, the Nationality Law in Israel sets six tracks for acquiring citizenship in Israel, while the predominant track is nationality by virtue of return.

Eligibility under the Law of Return is given to any Jew who wishes to immigrate to Israel, while the immigration is made via a ‘New Immigrant’ (Ole Hadash) visa. The spouse and the child of a Jewish are also eligible for status under the Law of Return to a ‘New Immigrant’ status, as well as anyone who converted to Judaism and is recognized by the authorities as such.

However, in order to acquire the status, one must meet the requirements prescribed by law, and present the relevant documents, including a police certificate testifying on lack of criminal record, and medical approvals.

Sometimes, there is a difficulty to acquire the documents from the relevant country, whether they are documents proving the applicant’s Judaism or documents testifying the applicant has no criminal record that may present a danger to the public in Israel or any danger to the state’s security. The applicant’s country of origin may present difficulties to the applicant sometimes, for one reason or another.

In many cases of a status application in virtue of return by a converted Jew, the Ministry of Interior makes it harder on the applicant to acquire the status and does not recognize the conversion; its validity or its sincerity

Our office has much experience in acquiring citizenship in virtue of return. Many times, we have managed to achieve an “Ole Hadash” status for our clients, even when the Ministry of Interior refused to grant this status initially.

We represented many customers that came to us for representation against the Ministry of Interior or in an appeal on its decision, and we have managed time and time again to alter the Ministry of Interior’s decision in the administrative courts within an appeal or an administrative petition.