The Nationality Law

The Nationality Law in Israel is the primary law that regulates matters of acquiring an Israeli citizenship.

Zari Hazan and Co. Law Office specializes in immigration to Israel on its various forms, including the options to acquire citizenship in Israel in accordance with the appropriate procedures for each case. 

The Nationality Law sets the terms that enable the acquiring of citizenship or stay visa in Israel, whereas there are several ways to do so under the law, including; By virtue of return (regulated also in the Law of return), by virtue of siting in Israel (since the days of the Independence War), by virtue of birth to an Israeli citizen, by virtue of birth and residence (for stateless persons), by virtue of permanent residents that become citizens, by virtue of marring an Israeli citizen, by virtue of adoption or of being a minor child to an Israeli parent.    

Acquiring citizenship in Israel is a long process, which in some cases, according to the relevant track of acquiring citizenship, may take a long time.

Our office gained experience and expertise in acquiring Israeli citizenship after renouncing a foreign citizenship, acquiring Israeli citizenship after marriage, acquiring Israeli citizenship for children, acquiring Israeli citizenship for a permanent resident and acquiring Israeli citizenship and residence visa in Israel.

Our experience instructs that each case stands on its own, and has its own unique characteristics and challenges. Our mission, designed with the support of our vision, is to win these challenged together with our clients and to assist them with making our best efforts in order to achieve their desired status by law.